What is the Parent/Child Mediation Program?

The Parent/Child Mediation Program is a mediation service which offers an alternative approach to solving problems that develop between parents and their children. Instead of relying on schools, courts or social service agencies, family members sit down with a trained neutral mediator and work towards a mutually agreeable solution.

How Does the Mediation Work?
The family member who has a complaint comes or is referred to the mediation program. The other family member is notified to come for a mediation conference. The trained mediator explains the mediation process to both family members. Each person in the dispute presents his or her position. The mediator may talk separately with both persons. A written agreement is drawn up by both parties.

What Are The Program’s Goals?


  • To give parents and children a resource for resolving disputes.
  • To prevent the escalation of disputes into more serious family matters
  • To relieve schools, courts and social service agencies of a number of matters which are better handled by families themselves.
  • To teach family members how to resolve their own problems through mediation.
  • To give parents an opportunity to improve their families within the North Country Community.


What Types of Disputes Can Be Handled?


Most disputes are chronic family problems and relate to school, community and interpersonal situations. Types of disputes could include:

  • School Discipline
  • Homework Performance
  • Communication Breakdown
  • School Suspension
  • School Drop-Out
  • Parent Anxiety
  • School Grades
  • Harassment
  • Peer Relationships
  • Family Rules
  • Drug Abuse


Check out www.kidshealth.org for information on Getting Along with Teachers, Dealing with Bullies and other resourses for kids and parents.

Check out www.nncc.org to learn more about the National Network for Child Care.