How Does the Check Recovery Program Work?

When a business receives a check for which the check-writer has insufficient funds on deposit or the check has been written on a closed account, the matter can be referred to this program in an attempt to recover the amount of the check, bank fees, and the fee charged by the business.

Upon receiving a referral, a letter will be sent to the check-writer, informing them that the check did not clear and explaining that the business is willing to try to settle the matter using our service as an alternative to further legal action. The check-writer is informed of the total amount due and told that the total must be paid in the form of a money order payable to the business and delivered to our center. The letter gives the check-writer approximately one week to respond to make arrangements to pay in full or discuss a payment plan. If the party proposes a payment plan, a staff member from our office works between the check-writer and the business until the details of the plan are agreed upon. The payment plan is then put into writing and signed by all parties.

What Are the Benefits Of Using This Program For A Business?
The Check-Recovery Program offers an alternative to legal action. The situation is dealt with quickly and with minimal cost. The only charge is that of $10 for every check for which we collect full payment.