Family Visitation

Why is the Family Visitation Program Needed?

To provide children the opportunity to have visitation with non-custodial parent(s) and/or essential family members.

To help with the reunification of separated families by providing a safe and neutral environment for interactions; observed by a neutral third party.

It allows for community-based interactions between children and family members compared to regular office settings.

Gives non-custodial parents(s) and/or essential family members the chance to have their interactions observed by a third party through an objective lens.


How much does it cost?

Non-negotiable intake fee $35 per Family

No Shows: Full fee for service

Visitation fee on an individual basis per sliding scale; minimum $10.


What is the Family Visitation Program's History?

The Family Visitation Program began the summer of 2016, with the idea originating from the court in 2015. This program will help facilitate the need for a safe place for children and their family members to have supervised visitation. This will be a child-focused environment, where the child can express themselves freely in the community.



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